At Fit Bliss Academy (FBA), we help female financial leaders create remarkable confidence to magnify presence and seek promotions through turning workouts from painful hassle to joyful habits.


Are you...

  • Tired of not having enough time;
  • Frustrated you don't have sufficient energy;
  • Ready to be seen and heard by your colleagues;
  • Sick of being passed by the promotions you deserve;
  • Prepared to form harmony between your career and family!

Hi, I'm Jinglin

I'm a fitness habit coach and a long-time sport fanatic with degrees in Accounting and Finance. What had prompted me to become a fitness habit coach was my shopping addiction.

In the spring of 2016, when I was preparing for CFA Level III exam while juggling among master degree coursework, research assistant job and 2 part-time jobs, I asked myself, “wait a second, what if all the hustling amounts to nothing? What if I don’t have what it takes to climb the corporate ladder? What if I just end up being stressed and wishing for promotions for the rest of my life?”

Those thoughts overwhelmed me. Before I had time to react,  a few more dozens of terrifying “what-ifs” rushed into my head and I was completely engulfed by stress and frustration!

At this moment, my favorite stores’ promotion emails came to rescue. I clicked on all the links, browsed thousands of on-sale merchandizes and I felt happy and relieved. Soon, shopping became my escape.

I allowed myself to shop whenever I was stressed out, but a year and half later, the mounting credit card debt burst my bubble. I looked at myself into the mirror and said, “You’ve got a shopping addiction! Let's fix it now!”

As you can imagine, the journey to dig myself out of the hole is not as fun as digging the hole! To combat the shopping addiction, I work out vigorously and consistently. Then, I applied the energy to establish new habits, such as reading, journaling and learning new languages.


As the force from the new habits took hold, my shopping addiction waned. Two years later, the addiction vanished. In the process, I’ve successfully built a system that allows me to sustain my constructive habits and turn them into deployable skills to fuel my confidence and magnify my motivation.

That’s why I decided to become a fitness habit coach and I want to share with you how to stick to your workout to 10X your confidence, not just because how it sparked my breakthrough but also because it builds a foundation for anything else that’s remarkable!

Let's chat if you are ready to embark on a thrilling journey of multiplying your confidence and motivation by establishing instrumental and joyful fitness habits!


Jinglin is not your typical fitness habit coach. Her approach is completely unique and offers a fresh perspective on how to build habits as well as HAPPINESS in your fitness practice and mindset.

— Ali Tedeschi, the owner of H.O.M.E by Ali

BE AWARE - After working together, you will...

  • Gain more daily freedom!
  • Have abundant confidence to seek the promotions you desire!
  • Form harmony between your family and your career!
  • Have the energy flowing throughout! There are no weaknesses, lows and bad moods because of poor health. Health doesn't block any of your work instead helping you to work as much as you can with your best capabilities!

"Jinglin is amazing at getting you to see who you are and why you do at what you do. Once you change that, it really affects every area of your life!"

- David Englund, the owner of Englund Studio

"Now, I'm proudly to say that after working with Jinglin, I've been doing my morning Zumba dance for the past 7 weeks and counting! Most importantly, my energy level has improved significantly!"

- Linh

How can YOU replicate the results?

Why stay unsatisfied or even frustrated with your fitness when you could be improving it right now? Here are the steps you take to turn workouts from burden to bliss and thus be consistent with them.



You will start a new workout journey with progresses you have never paid attention before and boost your confidence to a new level.



You will own your exercises as you find the exercises you love and make them an inseparable part of your vision in life.



This is the icing on the cake! You will navigate and learn your own emotional triggers, which can lead you to overeat or interrupt your sleep patterns! You will be equipped with tools to manage stressful situations so that your actions are aligned with your long-term fitness goals.



You will learn to design a system that allows you to work out regularly and apply what you have learnt in special circumstances, such as holidays, when you tend to overeat, break your routines and feel guilty afterwards.

Before starting the coaching sessions, I was doubtful of such programs just because I have tried and failed so many times. I had problems with sustaining a fitness routine, and had a really troublesome sleeping schedule and problems with diet in general.

After coaching with Jinglin for a month, I miraculously found myself having a much healthier lifestyle which I am so happy about - I am now maintaining a beginner level fitness routine of yoga and cardio activities, no longer sleeping until 3am, and starting a diet that I feel so good about. The most amazing aspect to me is that I don't feel obligated and forced to follow it - the change of my mindset makes me look forward to my routines everyday.

- E.D.H.



that maximize efficacy of your learning.


that you can review to refine your actions.


that pinpoints what other "irrelevant" habits might do to your workout habits.


You feel seen and heard by your colleagues and you believe that your ideas matter!

You are recognized as an exceptional leader because of your ability to assign priorities strategically and motivate your team deeply!

Instead of going home at 7 or 8pm every night, you arrive home around 6pm and you can't wait to share what has happened at work with your family!

You begin to enjoy your bubble bath with rose pedals and soft music in the background because you are confident that self-care is not selfish!

FREE one hour consultation* on how to build one of these most coveted habits:

  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Learning new languages

*This free one hour consultation bonus will only be offered to those who book a call before the MIDNIGHT of 4/9/2021 EST.

You are probably thinking...

"What if I'm not satisfied with the results?"

There is a 15-day money back guarantee if you show that you've done the homework.

"What if I don't have enough time to work out?"

I will teach you how to break down your exercises and schedule them effectively so that there is no big chunk of fixed time commitment (e.g: 30-minutes or above)

"What if I don't have energy to work out?"

The relationship between exercise and energy is just like the one between chicken and eggs - whichever one you have first, you have both! Thus, how about you trust yourself and to start in the most effortless way possible? That way, you can leave the hamster wheel that makes you feel powerless - the less energy you have, the less likely you choose to work out; the less you work out, the less energy you have!

"What if I am too lazy to stick to a workout routine?"

I don't believe there are lazy people out there but those that are not motivated enough. In our modules, you will learn step-by-step of how to increase your motivation to a level that NOT sticking to your workouts becomes uncomfortable.


  • A risk-free call for us to discuss if and how the framework could apply to you.
  • For people who are serious about results and don’t want to waste any more time.
  • To identify the current gaps in your workout journey and come up with a plan.
  • To dive deeper on how I could help you build workout consistency without unreasonable time commitment.


Wondering if the call will worth your time...

"Jinglin’s fitness habit assessment is an extremely valuable tool that lead to an eye-opening consultation with her."

- Ali Tedeschi

"The questions that Jinglin posed during my Discovery Call were so insightful and helped to further guide my fitness."

- Betty Galligan

"Jinglin is an expert at diving deeper. She helps me access what is below the surface. Her fun and exuberant personality is infectious."

- Isis Latham